Once upon a lifetime I used to draw comics nonstop, now I focus mostly on writing.

I'm a translator/interpreter by trade, but I still find time to write and have since entered a few writing competitions as a hobby. In 2021 I was one of the top ten finalists in the MAL x Honeyfeed Light Novel writing contest under the Impossible Romance category with my light novel BLOODY BAT ROMEO.

In 2022 I was the grand prize winner of the MAL x Honeyfeed light novel contest under the Rom-Com category with my supernatural romantic comedy, Cupid's BLAME!

My hope for the future is to write many enchanting and engaging stories with large arrays of fun and likeable characters that readers can identify with as they learn to grow and accept themselves as they are.

Misc: I do graphic design, writing, drawing, translation and interpretation. I enjoy mobile games, 2D idols, astrology, tarot, red pandas and eyeballs.